Digital Marketing for Start-ups

Digital marketing is just actual marketing. It’s informing and reminding people about your product, service and company, as well as telling them why to buy from you. The delivery of your message and its perceived value will also have a great effect on the results that you get – after all, people live in a digital world, where they are bombarded with messages all day long from companies.


But digital marketing is just actual marketing. Nothing has changed on that front – people are still people, and what will get them to buy from you has pretty much always been the same. But when you learn how to do things online well, they work even better. And if you can get your message in front of the right people every day, things got even better than that.

Digital Marketing By Definition


Let’s start with the basics…


What exactly is digital marketing?


“Digital marketing promotes and sells products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics like search marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.”


Well, that’s all for the formal definition.


But honestly, digital marketing is just actual marketing done ONLINE.


If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, you may not know that it is just good old-fashioned marketing. Let us explain…


How Digital Marketing Works?


We’ve all been there: the possibility of digital marketing, a great tool for businesses and marketers, overwhelming. In fact, digital marketing is just marketing in a digital space. Rather than drive to a brick-and-mortar store, you’re driving to people digitally.


All of these touches build trust and familiarity, so when people are finally ready to buy, they look your way first.


But there’s actually more to it than that.


Digital marketing isn’t just about “being there” when your consumers are ready to purchase. It’s about generating the desire to acquire and persuading them to buy sooner (and perhaps more frequently).


What does this look like?


Let’s look at a couple of examples.


Say you decide you need a new washing machine. Initially, when you start thinking about buying something, you don’t just run to the market and buy the first product you see, so you do some research first.


You begin by searching THE WEB to learn what your choices are.


Initially, you’re looking for the best prices and the best brands. And once you have an idea of your prospects, you look for reviews, family for their opinions and ask friends, evaluate case studies, and compare prices.

That’s one plot, and another could be kicked off with an email.


Let’s say you’ve subscribed to receive emails from a blog that talks about technology. One fine evening, they send you an email that links to an article of 10 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips. You tap on it, read the article, and realize your washing machine won’t handle the hacks they recommend.

…so now you’re intrigued. But you’re not actually ready to purchase yet


You still want to research before purchasing.


Just as you did previously, you start searching on the world wide web…


Comparing prices.. 

Reading reviews..

Only when you think you’ve got sufficient information will you make a purchase—and from the brand that provided you with the best information.


The Key to Digital Marketing Success


Always remember digital marketing is intended to give customers the knowledge they need when they require it so that they lean to you first when the right time comes.


Digital marketing is simply marketing done in a digital environment. What does that mean? It means that you are leveraging online, social media and mobile to communicate with your customers. It’s just the way it’s done. These platforms give your customers ways to communicate with you and engage in ways they couldn’t before.


Do that, and you'll take consumers seamlessly on a journey: from awareness to engagement to conversion and beyond.


Here at Team CloudSource, we call the Customer Buyers' Journey.


Bottom Line


Digital marketing hasn’t just changed marketing, and it’s improved it.

In very little time and with significantly less effort, you can get far better outcomes.

And learning the strategies is easy peasy!


Then you can develop your own digital marketing machine—and start seeing accurate results right away.

See you on the other side!

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