How to create a winning sales cadence for your team?

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A sales cadence consists of a streak of touch-points, each specifically oriented to draw prospects to a particular aim. Thus, creating an effective sales cadence is integral to any success that an online business may enjoy.

Transforming your leads to customers is what takes your business to the next level. In this case, we need to understand that any lead coming to our website, where for sure is a positive indicator for the business, also holds the seed for a blooming future

This article takes you through what it takes to create a sales cadence framework that not only guarantees a brilliant future in sight but also holds the key to keep your prospects under the right shade.

You can break the ice by;


Knowing your prospects


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Having the proper knowledge of the audience, you are dealing with can be an efficient way to kick-off. Knowing their lifestyle, preference, and persona can land you at a place where you can customize your sales cadence in a way that meets their requirements and never becomes annoying or burdensome for them.


Choosing the right portal of communication

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Once you have identified the prospects, communication is inevitable. However, opting for a method blindly can backfire. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do your research, understand what is the most feasible and practical method and then make your move.

Moreover, you’re not the only one trying to lure prospects to your site, right!? Well, thus, you may have to acquire a portal that isn’t heavily saturated by sales teams doing the same job. At the same time, evaluating the importance of the prospect helps you sort out the budget and priorities in attracting them.

Communication will determine how things shape out for your next move, so you need to be patient and let things roll out inflow.

Once the planning and research are out of the way, the following are some things that must be kept in mind to forge an excellent sales cadence framework.



Making a sales cadence call at a time that’s exasperating for the prospect seems suicidal, right!? Well, it really is. You need the prospects, it’s not the other way round!

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Therefore, it is essential to identify the right time, so your efforts never go in vain. You may have to experiment with different times of a day and then target one where the respondents felt the most fruitful.

Also, understand the time zones, so you aren’t calling at a time when your prospect’s having a good time asleep.


Trying different modes of communication

When it comes to effective sales cadence, there are multiple modes of communication.

Emails are the most popular and sophisticated sales cadence channel that allows you to be creative in promoting the business, on top of backing it up with relevant pictures.

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Calls are the most practical way to summarize your pitch in a few words while being authentic and accurate. However, it may be hard for some.

Social media is the new ruling king since most people have an online presence that one can take full advantage of.


Engaging the audience by evaluating the value you’re providing

The value proposition is what makes any sales cadence framework supremely functional. How would you capture your prospect’s attention… by evaluating the benefits you’re providing, right!?

Therefore, letting your prospects know the whole deal that you are trying to solve is what will get them on-board. This can be done by comparing your existing customers to the new prospects and seeing the resemblance between them. As a result, you would know what must be articulated in your sales cadence touchpoints and what not.

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Another way to identify this can be by running a survey that helps you comprehend what speaks to your prospects and what does not.


Being proactive in evaluating the purpose of your next touch-point

A proactive approach to sales cadence will always yield substantial results. Outlining the progress of the current touch-point and mapping out strategies for the next one is what makes an effective sales cadence.

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For instance, if you identify that your prospect can be lured by public admiration for the company or its business, you can easily take that to advantage and remark on the positive feedback from other customers.


Keeping a balance between being persistent and frustrating

No person on earth wants to be overwhelmed by repetitive calls or invitations, right!? Well, your prospects are the same too. Spanning out the touch-ups is a great way to keep the balance in work. You have to be on their mind, and at the same time not get swept away.


Unparalleled importance of Sales Cadence

The significance of an effective sales cadence can never be overlooked when talking about the interests of a successful business.


‘Team CloudSource’ does it all for you! They can manage your entire sales cadence framework- bringing it line with the goals and interests of your business. From planning it out to taking even the most intricate details in mind, they can be your ultimate partners to create a portal of new and rushing customers.


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A winning sales cadence Steps

Before concluding, let's get to a sales cadence example to understand how it all works.

 Winning a sales cadence may include the following steps:


1- Research & Connect

Understand the life, preference and social presence of your prospect by following him online. Reach out to him, through LinkedIn and adopt a personal and empathetic tone.

You may have to send a follow-up message, if the prospect doesn’t reply.


2- Send an email

An email will help you get the prospect interested in what you want. Keeping it concise and professional is the key.

Again, if the prospect doesn’t reply, a follow-up email is the way to go.


3- Call and provide him content

Calling will build a connection, allowing you to go in- depth with the details of the mail, while sharing an article or two repeatedly will bring a greater part of his attention to you.


4- Engage with a video mail

A touch-point here can be necessary. It will again build anticipation and keep you on his mind. Just make sure that it’s concise.


5- Try engaging on LinkedIn and through voicemail

Engaging with the prospect on his LinkedIn posts, or answering his questions can build trust. Voicemail again helps you reinforce yourself.


6- Get the authority at work

Sending an email through a senior, like a manager can make him think that you’re serious about everything discussed so far.


7- Make the last call

This might be your last shot. Just don’t let your emotions get in the way!






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